Mastering from Stems

Mastering from Stems

from 100.00

Per track

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  • Standard delivery within 14 days
  • Options for faster delivery
  • Masters supplied as 44.1kHz WAV unless specified

Premaster submission info for stems

  • You should be familiar with submitting stems before selecting this option
  • Research first and then contact us if you have an queries
  • Please send the native sample rate from your session
  • 24bit or 32bit floating point (16bit & MP3 is acceptable but not optimal)
  • Keep your peak levels below clipping (0 dbfs)
  • Stems should play back as intended when in their own project
  • Please also send the final mix from your stems for us to reference
  • Remove any master processing that is there for loudness, don't remove any processing that affects the final mix
  • Include self mastered versions or reference tracks if you wish