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What's that fresh item unceremoniously dumped at the bottom of your street this morning? You know, the one you walked past on your daily commute. No, it's not a defective fridge or a soiled mattress. It's not a knackered old estate agent sign either. It's the next Towards Collapse event! Given our joyous return to unmitigated noise pollution late last year, we thought it only fitting to ramp up the filth even more for 2019, bringing you our heaviest line-up yet! So come jig along to the woes of late capitalism as we teeter ever closer Towards Collapse.

Your Data Exhaust this month will be:

Industrial, Hardcore and Breakcore heavyhitter who should need little introduction. Yann Faussurier has been in the scene for at least a couple of decades now with releases on such labels as Ant-Zen and the gone-but-not-forgotten Ad Noiseam. Expect abrasive soundscapes and apocalyptic beats wrapped around an experimental approach to all things dour.

GORE TECH (Ohm Resistance / Varispeed)
A producer who's happy to combine breakcore, industrial, drum and bass and dubstep amongst a plethora of other styles into something terrifying. Taking influence from cyberpunk and anxious states of mind, Gore Tech's sets are sure to leave dancefloors with an unhealthy dose of futurephobia. With a new album dropping on Ohm Resistance on the night of Towards Collapse, we're certain this is gonna be something special!

Complex IDM, DnB and Dubstep hybrids that take industrial as their reference point before leaping off into the deep end of experimental mutation.

Rude FM regular and Tech Itch resident Paragon brings dark, moody 170bpm experimentalism bubbling up into drum and bass assaults. Check his new album on Tech Itch, it's a banger!

Lush instrumentation and noisy electronics collide in a spiralling technoid mass. Expect something highly evocative in that cinematic way with but with more noise and less pretense.

Technically-minded dark abstraction displaying a range of complex and troubling emotional states. Noises from a best-forgotten future landscape.

If you want a picture of a DJ Bin Fetish set, imagine a drunk man hitting a dust bin lid with a stick in the middle of the night down the park right next to your house, forever.


Supporter Tickets - pay a bit more to support the night and collect a unique Towards Collapse artefact on the night :

SET is all on the ground floor with a small step to get through the front door and is therefore wheelchair accessible. Disabled toilet is also available.