We receive many demos that are either not the right vibe or are just not up to our standards. We certainly don't receive demos that immediately spark our attention and prompt us to sign them after the first listen. Centaspike and Indidjinous managed to do so by delivering an outstanding album, professionally mastered and ready to go. With a second album already underway, we're very pleased to present to you Primordial Resistance. 

This unlikely duo formed across the Pacific Ocean to create an uncompromising strain of tribal alien tech funk. Centaspike hails from Canberra, capital of Australia. Indidjinous, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Each has over 10 years of production experience and solo releases across a variety of international labels. Ironically, Indidjinous plays the ancient aboriginal wind instrument known as the didjeridu, which is used in their productions and live performances. 

Spawning a vile new breed of sci-fi techstep that is simultaneously futuristic and primitive, their partnership began with a series of remixes and collaborations released on Subtle Audio, Sound Sphere, Dysfunk Music and Dubkraft Records. The visceral chemistry of those productions sparked the creation of the full length collaborative LP Primordial Resistance.