I trust everyone is well and looking forward to a few days rest from this perpetual rat race. Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us at Sol Invicto! 

Looking forward to what the new year brings, we are currently working on two tracks for November & Decembers releases. One of which is a collaboration with a producer by the name of City Pains which is a new moniker for a good friend of ours and co-founder of Sol Invicto AJ Cookson whom worked with me on the first EP.  There will also be a track from Tech Itch exclusively produced by him. Will do our best to bring you these asap but we should be all caught up and at full power for the new year! 

Make sure to join the telegram chat, link is in the previous update!

Warm regards,


(picture is a custom synth City Pains has made for the track) 

Richie Invicto