Dearest Members, 

Happy new year to you all, we hope you had an excellent Christmas. We will be releasing two new tracks, you'll be notified when they are uploaded.

Nov #002 produced by Tech Itch exclusively with guitars from Stephen.

Dec #003 produced by AJ Cookson under his new "City Pains" moniker some of you will remember he worked with me on the first EP.

I'm currently working on something myself to follow up for the Jan #004 release.

We've had quite a lot of new enquiries for membership even tho we have put a hold on taking any new memberships on until the new site is live and you guys are all taken care of. There are many plans soon to be revealed and the doors are open (so to speak) to collaborations with other artists and exclusive members only previews of other works, all behind closed doors, just for you guys. I'll not say much more because better to under promise and over deliver. Which, in my enthusiasm in the past, I tended to get the wrong way around!

Expect to hear from me soon and again, all the best and take care.


Richie Invicto