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Sharing of this information on any platform will result in loss of membership.

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update 10th october 2017

Here in Blade Runner city working on new music with Stephen. We all meet in November to create as much fresh new material for you as we can make.

Just mixing the new October Comiti track, vinyl shipping begins this week.

Website concept art approved and it will go live soon. Hope all is well!


Richie LA.png


update 20th september 2017

You will be receiving an email in the next 48 hours confirming your membership to the Sol Invicto Comiti. 

Please sign and return your club agreement form and we will immediately begin shipping your vinyl and send your link for the digital download of the Initium album.  

Your membership number can be found on the verification email you received when you initially signed up or by logging in and clicking on your name in the website navigation.



Update 4th September 2017

Many apologies for the delayed start in membership and vinyl delivery.

We had a delay with the record sleeves not being appropriate for shipping, so had to re-order and resign new sleeves from America. They are now back in the UK for us to pack and ship.

Stephen was slightly delayed in signing so I made him make a short video for you, Please excuse his choice of music, I did not approve either...


The first version of The Comiti will be online shortly, we're just adding the final touches to the membership charter and terms. 

Your full year + one month will be honoured of course, IT WILL JUST just be a slightly delayed start.


Looking forward to speaking with you soon.


Yours sincerely,



Sol Invicto 

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